We offer a variety of services in natural stone such as cladding, paving, copping and kerb stone etc. We can do any work on natural stone as per the need and choice of the customer.

Cladding Stones

The cladding is a process where one material covers another. We are using different types of stones in different sizes and different colours for cladding according to the customer’s needs. Wall cladding wraps the surface of the walls by protecting from moisture. heat and other climate impacts. It adds natural beauty of stones to the architecture. It is everlasting and heats tolerant.

Paving Stones

Paving stones are stronger than concrete. Paving stones enhance beauty and aesthetic to the environment as well as the building. We are preparing paving stones in different sizes, colours and shapes for the needs of the customers. Stone paving is everlasting and gives extra beauty to the residence as well as the garden.

Copping Stones

Stone coping is the horizontal line of stones along the top of the wall, that protects the beneath surface against extreme climate and gives it a royal look.

Kerb Stones

In landscaping, kerbstone has a significant role. It acts as a separator between pavement and landscape.

We can do any work in stone according to the customer’s desire.